REVIEWS: Live film scoring at the Arboretum & Asinabka festivals

Some great press from Exclaim! and Ottawa Showbox from the performance on August 19, 2015 at the Arboretum Festival, co presented by the Asinabka Festival, live-scoring films by Mosha Folger and Christian Chapman.

Though the hour felt like a relatively short time in which to display her talents, Anishinaabe artist Melody McKiver’s performance was a captivating confluence of both sound and vision. Dedicating the first half of the set to her standalone solo work, McKiver demonstrated a focused, technical approach to the viola with two original compositions. “Theresa,” written at the height of the Idle No More movement, saw her pluck the strings of her instrument before clicking a loop pedal to layer steady melodies over top, while “Ziigwan” did well to capture the arrival of the spring season, for which it was named.

The second half saw McKiver showcase her film score work, playing compositions in time to projections of two films on the church wall. Aided by her array of pedals, she recreated her impeccably layered four-part viola score for Inuk filmmaker Mosha Folger’s stop-motion production The Big Lemming and her more minimal, emotive score for a segment of Christian Chapman’sEdmazinbiiget, which highlighted her inclusion of reverb and delay effects. 8/10. – Callum Slingerland

Credit: Callum Slingerland, August 19 2015.

And via Eric Scharf at Ottawa Showbox:

Opening the night was Anishinaabe viola player extraordinaire, Melody McKiver. She started with two originals making excellent use of looping pedals and had me captured right. Then she took it up a notch. There is something truly special about watching projected short films as someone performs the soundtrack live. The films, which were projected on the church wall and presented by the Asinabka: Aboriginal Film and Media Arts Festival, were Edmazinbiiget by Christian Chapman and The Big Lemming by Mosha Folger. It was a fascinating experience I want to be a part of again.

Over at Photogmusic, Ming Wu shared some photos:

Melody McKiver @ Arboretum Festival 2015

Melody McKiver @ Arboretum Festival 2015

Melody McKiver @ Arboretum Festival 2015





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